The Best Handheld GPS: Which One Should You Take On Your Next Trip?


Planning a holiday takes a lot of thought. Apart from choosing what to bring, there’s also the fact that you have to plan a good itinerary that will enable you to do all the things that you want to do during your stay.  Whether you’re visiting a bustling city or planning to spend a few days camping in the woods, a handheld GPS can help you find specific locations. This device can also help you bookmark favorite places, so you’ll never have to ask for directions again if you want to go back to a certain place. It can also help you stay safe especially if you’re traveling alone.

While getting lost can help you discover hidden wonders, find exquisite cuisine, and meet friendly people, it can also be extremely dangerous, more so if you find yourself stuck in a remote area without any supplies or means of communication. That’s why it’s imperative to bring a handheld tracking device that will help you find your way back to civilization, no matter where you are. Here are the best handheld GPS units to take on your next adventure.


For geocaching around the world

Geocaching is a fun way to explore the world while looking for hidden items. If you love searching for hidden things, you’re not alone. There are roughly 3 million active geocachers worldwide, and more than 2.8 million geocaches are waiting to be discovered in more than 18 countries. If you’re geocaching on your next trip, then take along the Montana 680 Touchscreen GPS by Garmin. It’s preloaded with 250,000 geocaches from all over the world and it also comes with an 8MP camera for geotagging.

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For island hopping in the tropics 

If you’re headed for the tropics, you’ll need a handheld device with a display that’s easy to read even under direct sunlight. You may want to take the Rino 750 Garmin with you for your next island hopping adventure, as its 3-inch screen is very readable even under strong light. Moreover, it provides current weather forecasts, which can be useful if you’re planning to be on the water for most of your trip. The device also has a good battery life, and it recharges overnight without any problems.


For camping in remote areas

If you’re heading to a remote area, it’s crucial to have a way to communicate with rescuers just in case you need to call for help. The DeLorme InReach SE is a good fit for this purpose, as it is used primarily for search and rescue operations. You can send out an SOS and respond with rescuers, and you can also use it to text messages containing GPS coordinates. Plus, you can send emails and call cell phones anywhere.

Wherever you choose to go, remember to have fun, and always stay safe by taking along a handheld GPS to keep you on the right track. Not only will you get to enjoy your vacation more, but you’ll also save yourself the frustration of getting lost in any place in the world.

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