The Best Footwear to Pack for Travel


One of the most important items on the packing list for your next adventure is your shoes. You’ll inevitably do a good bit of walking, so long-term comfort and durability are essential. It’s also important to consider the versatility of your shoes. Will you be spending all that money to only be able to wear those shoes when you’re abroad? 

In this post, we’ll take a look at the best footwear that you can buy for travel. We’ve also included a few handy tips in order to help you make the right decision when it comes to your travel shoes. From comfy sneakers to stylish sandals, here are the best shoes to pack for travel. 

What to Consider When Choosing Travel Shoes

Socks: You want to ensure that the socks you choose are light and breathable enough to last through the heat, but also padded or cushioned for additional comfort. While slightly more expensive than cotton, merino wool socks are a great option thanks to their odor-fighting properties and moisture resistance.

Break Your Shoes in: Shoes usually come from the factory in a specific form that’s not yet adapted to the unique shape of your feet. Be sure to break in your shoes before heading out. Dance around a bit if you have to! 

Orthopedics: If you need orthopedic soles for your shoes, be sure to find out whether your sneakers of choice have removable soles that afford you the room you need to fit your orthopedics. 


These days, sneakers are more stylish and comfortable than ever. Whether it’s the unrivaled cushioning of Adidas’ BOOST technology or the breathable and comfortable material that Nike calls Flyknit. However, most sneakers that have these features aren’t exactly durable. 

If you’re looking for a good pair of kicks that are both comfortable and can still take a beating, these Womens Sneakers are a great option. With a variety of color options and a machine-washable canvas upper, these sneakers make for perfect traveling shoes. The rubber outsoles also offer a good balance of stability, grip, and comfort. 

Walking Shoes

As the name would suggest, these shoes are made to keep your feet safe during long walks. They’re similar to sneakers but usually feature a more minimalist design with lightweight EVA outsoles and durable neoprene uppers. While they are comfortable, the lack of perforation in the uppers makes sneakers a better option for more summery climates. 


Speaking of warm weather, nothing keeps your feet cool and moisture-free better than a pair of sandals. Go for sandals that feature thicker soles, such as the Naot Women’s Sabrina Flat Sandal line. This combines a layer of cork-like material with a leather and latex combination on the outsole, providing sneaker-like comfort with the breathability of a sandal.


These options are all ideal for walks in the city and the occasional hike or trail route. Other noteworthy options to consider include hiking boots for particularly rough terrain and flats if you don’t want to look out of place when you go out for dinner. Comfort plus durability is the winning formula when it comes to travel shoes. 

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