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April 27, 2017

The thermometer had plummeted to 0 degrees and it wasn’t even 4pm on what had been a warmish day in Yoho national Park. And at first glance, the two-bedroom wood cabin we had booked, looked basic. No underfloor heating, or fancy climate control contraptions. How would it keep out that biting cold?chalet kicking horse

We didn’t have to worry.  The excellent fire place heating had our cabin toasty-warm in minutes and, as the temperature increased, so did our opinion of our accommodation. The outside appearance which gave me thoughts like, “simple and rustic” had been replaced with “welcoming and cosy”. I loved waking up in the mornings with the light and any chance I could get, looking out to the mountains was better than anything you could ever find on the TV.

chalet kicking horse

There is a magical vibe to the chalet surrounds. It is a place you’d come to escape – the chalets have seen snow as early as October and as late as April, making it a real white wonderland. We had snow in the late afternoon and early evening both nights we were there. It made for a perfect time to grab a mug of hot chocolate and enjoy the views of the mountains. We didn’t make it back each day in time, busy exploring the beauty outdoors, but a BBQ out on the deck would also have been possible with plenty of sunlight hitting the front of the chalet. And seriously, what a view!

chalet kicking horse

Our cabin has a room with a queen-size bed and another queen sized bed on the first floor with two other single beds. And a spa bath! This is the perfect spot after a long hike, or ski… The lower level has a lounge area and kitchen in open plan great for spending time with your friends and family, and another bathroomchalet kicking horse

The lounge area has the fireplace and TV to chill out.

Then there’s the view. From our chalet we survey the roaming, snowy mountains. Birds fill the trees and, around the corner, there’s a river. We took a walk along there with Noah and it was great to be so close to the mountains and hiking. Perfect spot for a Canadian holiday.chalet kicking horse

BEST THING Back roads, dirt tracks, walks, drives, and ski!

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