Ten sites to visit while waiting for your flight


Traveling to new exciting destinations is without a doubt, one of the most exhilarating things a person can experience, but there are times when things can get a little bit boring. Waiting for transfers, or flight delays can be frustrating, especially if you are traveling alone.  Fortunately, modern technology exists to assist in situations such as these, and if you find yourself with nothing better to do while in between locations, these ten websites could help kill some time.


Bag yourself some free material on this popular website. Allowing visitors to download books, read reviews, and chat with fellow bookworms, Onread.com is a great way to alleviate boredom.



As the site suggests – keep calm and push the button. By pressing the button a joke is revealed, with a new one appearing each time you visit the site, providing a fresh bout of hilarity when needed. If you need cheering up because your flight is delayed, Lolhit.com is the site for you.



Get your game on and access brain teasers, arcade games and puzzles on this fun site.



If you enjoy pranks then you are going to love this site. The premise is simple – pranksters email people that are selling and buying items online and annoy them with frustrating, but amusing behaviour. Be careful, because once you start reading, you could spend many hours hooked on this very funny site.



Perfect for when you need to relax and centre your mind, This is Sand allows you to draw with sand on your mobile device. Enjoy the sensation of hearing the sand piling on as you draw, and the beautiful colours you can choose to use.



Another creative site, flame painter, as the name suggests, allows you to paint with flames. This hypnotic activity will help you relax and prepare for the next leg of your journey.



Strangely enticing, this site invites you to wiggle the worm and make it dance. A good one for bored kids at the airport.



Returning from an epic trip away can be slightly depressing, so why not send something to your home address to look forward to on your return? Shutupandtakemymoney.com is teeming with products you really don’t need but want anyway, like a Millennium Falcon waffle maker, shark head bottle opener, and a T-Rex shower head.



Use your time wisely and discover how everyday items, and not-so-everyday things work. This site explores science, news, celebrities, and much more giving you plenty of reading materials for any lull in your travels.


The Onion

It is a well-known fact that you can’t trust everything you read on the internet, and this is certainly the case with the satirical online magazine, The Onion. Filled with fictional, funny news stories, often based on real life events, the magazine is the perfect remedy for boredom.

The ten sites will keep you occupied and entertained while you wait to continue on your exciting traveling adventures.

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