The edge of the world was what really got us to explore Tasmania. We wanted to travel Tasmania on the roads less travelled. We knew the Western Explorer road was the most excitingly remote journey that we could do – wrong!

west tasmania driving on the beach

No roads around here


There is actually “A Road to Nowhere” that leads you to the Edge of the World… We were in! All you need is to see a Park Ranger, obtain a 4wd permit and you can take on many river crossings, dunes and mountainous rugged land with very little traffic than Tasmanian devils, wombats and the jumping creatures (roos, wallabies and pademelons). Oh, i forgot to mention… There is also quicksand, bogs within the road, and really soft sand (all unmarked for the first time traveller)…

Lucy the Landy loves this!

We packed Lucy with food and fuel and water (there’s nothing out there) and started the journey. We informed the Ranger of our intended path, checked we had recovery straps, shovels, snorkel was in working order and set off!

As we started to explore the west coast a sense of freedom really intesified as we headed further into the rugged west. The strong winds and wide open beaches leave a mass of trunks and ragged rocks at the many creek and river mouths. Going inland, there are beautiful buttongrass plains with hills of large forest with amazing shades of greens, yellows and oranges. Wild flowers bloom and many wattle trees were out in bloom. It was fantastic!

and then things started to get hard!


The road is a journey as there is not much at either end… It is not for the faint hearted. It is like the coastline and the roaring forties that created it. It is unapologetically challenging. And we loved it!

But not every moment…



Unfortunately we fell victim to one of the bogs. We thought (of course) that we could make it. After all we had crossed the quick sand patches which had swallowed cars recently before us. We were on the home stretch. A kilometer or two and we would open the tent and call it a day. Go for a quick surf and enjoy the solitude…


Instead we spent a couple of hours digging in a stinking bog under Lucy to free her to get moving and back tracked to find another path that we could cross… No surf or swim and a late day! Certainly had a workout though!!!





We did it!!! YEAHHHHH

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