Taking On The Edge – day II


We woke up after a well earned rest and with an optimistic mood for no further troubles on the road!


It was an amazing night sleeping with noone nearby. We went for a walk and discovered a midden just next to our place. A midden is an area where Aboriginals used to leave behind rubbish(e.g shells). It was funny to think that many years ago the people who first discovered this area stopped here as well.


We were not alone though. We saw countless birds and watched pademelons and wallabies stop, stare puzzled for an instant before scampering at an adrenalin filled speed for their lives!



The highlight came during the night we heard two devils grunting and howling over the objects on top of our table. I am sure they were disapponted to discover it was only a couple of shells from our walk earlier. I was also disappointed not to have had my camera up in the roof top tent to record this!!!

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