Take Off – Mackay in 24 Hours


Post traveling depression. A very under-estimated condition that I had been suffering after traveling around tasmania for 5 weeks. There is nothing like aquick getaway to freshen up and rejuvenate the travel soul. We booked our ticket to the tropics and took off to Mackay.
Eimeo Pub

Eimeo Pub

Famous for floods, mining, and stingrays, Mackay shows to be much more. It combines asmall town feel with a modern twist of a big city. The blue Pioneer River flows alongside the city centre and offers many great spots to walk along the board walk and an easy respite to many shady spots (and shops) along the way.The mighty six meter tide works its magic here and also along the coastline andmany islands- like lifting out the plug off a massive basin- it is quite amazing to watch the water disappear.
Blue Lagoon in Mackay city centre

Blue Lagoon in Mackay city centre

There is always a danger of crocodiles, many species of sharks and jelly fish the sizeof your thumb that can kill during the warmer months! To reduce these risksmany places up north have built man-made lagoons in the city center. The bluewater lagoon, or a series of lagoons are great fun to take a splash in toescape the humid air.
We headed a little further along the river, to the botanical gardens for a picnic with the birds hopping along the banks and dancing delicately over the lilies.
Blue Lagoon in Mackay city centre

The Marina

We made adash out to the marina for lunch and a glass of chilled white wine (chilled isvery important). The marina, true to it’s location has a tropical ambience withleafy palms lining the waterfront esplanade and a view beyond yachts, sailingboats and tropical islands. It’s a great place to mingle amongst the locals whoare so open and friendly like only Aussies can be.
We finished with dinner at the picturesque Pacific hotel in Eimeo, a northern suburb of Mackay. It overlooks the beach, to the aptly named Dolphin Heads, theCoral Sea and to the many famous Whitsunday islands. Despite these million dollar views this old pub has a very relaxed northern Australian feel not to be missed! It’s definitely my favourite Australian pub so far!

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