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In The Search For Ochre

The conversation about The Salt Water People from the Bundjalung Country started over breakfast. Noah knows so much more about our local Indigenous culture, thanks to his Preschool and Nature Explorers. He loves finding out how Aboriginals used to live and were able to survive with just what nature gave them. He is fascinated by […]

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Jungle Mud

The morning was spent gardening and luckily Noah found some juice long worms in our veggie patch. We looked at the worms… Finn tried to eat the worms. Noah’s imagination kicked in and he said that these worms were actually anacondas that were living in the Amazon Forest in Brazil. What a great start of […]

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Tree Found, Soul Filled

A “whale” of a distance – that’s what I say to Noah to remind him that he must have space between him and others. It’s hard to explain why we can be close together but not with other people and his friends. Noah is a gentle soul and a bit of a deep thinker – […]

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Beach Days

This is how we start our days, every day. We ride to the beach, right after breakfast around 7.30 and spend a few hours. We do a surf check at the top of the headland, but we don’t go in for a surf – I couldn’t manage to have Noah on a surfboard and Finn […]

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The Blue Tiger Butterflies

There are hundreds of butterflies in the air. Hundreds of blue butterflies all around the coast. It’s quite magical to ride along and witness so many butterflies fluttering about. We have been spotting them everywhere, even on the beach. We have also collected some dead ones. We wanted to find out more about them. Time […]

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It Started with a Stanley Knife

Noah skated for hours yesterday. Today woke up with sore leg and knee which, to be honest, I think was actually not true – I do think all of this change, the virus and our family dynamic is calling for extra cuddles and attention on him. And this is fine, we do love extra cuddles! […]

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