Swiming Amongst Turtles

I was snorkeling at Julian Rocks off Byron Bay, when something special happened- something that I will never forget. We always hoped we would see them but there is never any guarantee when you go looking for animals in nature. There were 7 of us in the water and as we were cruising along happily […]

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Meeting the Locals

Tassie – The Natural State and they are dam right! About one quater of Tasmania is given to national parks and reserves and let me tell you this place is Jam-packed with wild-life, We have been meeting the locals since day one and with a shy start now we are totally amognst them. At dusk […]

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Dismal if You’re Not a Dare Devil

Paul was keen. Really keen. I could think of many other things that would have been better. Much better… When traveling through the Tarkine forest area, there is a stop you can make to a sink hole, where water naturally drains out of what would would be a swamp. This forest area is famous for […]

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Wilderness Expedition

We needed to do it! There was no way i was going to stay at Bruny Island and not do the Pennicott Wilderness Expedition…   And I’m very happy to announce that I survived the day with the contents of my stomach entirely intact – after all we were about to make it to the […]

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Paddling Into The Wild

Being in Australia I know that there’s a certain amount of wildlife to be dealt with and as we paddled into the shallow mangrove I was more worried with spiders than anything else. We saw quite a few of these but with a paddle and water all around I felt pretty safe to deal with […]

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To the Edge of the World

In two months we will be heading to the edge of the world… We will drive Lucy along 1800 Km all the way down to Melbourne and catch a barge across to Tasmania. We will be touring around for a full month on the big island that is the very bottom of Australia. After, we […]

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