Crocodile Spotting – Daintree River

The risk of a crocodile attack in Far North Queensland is real, but with some common sense it is avoidable – UFFFF!!! This was the “crocodile man” told us as we went adrift on a small tinnie adrift in the Daintree River to (hopefully) spot some “saltie” crocs. The mood seems to heighten as the […]

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The Daintree

Australia’s plants and animals are some of the closest things to alien life you are likely to encounter on earth. Probably because it’s been isolated from the other continents for at least 45 million years, you will find cycads, dinosaur trees, fan palms, giant strangler figs, and epiphytes such as the basket fern, staghorn, and elkhorn. There are more than […]

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Nothing Can Prepare You for The Daintree

Daintree village is a tiny riverside community with a dramatic mountain backdrop and a lovely feel to it. However once you cross the river you are in the Daintree proper. Fittingly, crossing the Daintree River is no ordinary experience- it’s one of the last remaining car ferries in Australia and adds to the sense of entering a […]

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A Swim Without Crocs

Cairns might not have a beach, but the mudflats and mangroves have been replaced with parks, and a stunning saltwater lagoon overlooking the water.  And the very best thing is actually being free of salt water crocodiles, sharks, stingrays and all the other creatures that might scare the hell out of you!     With temperatures […]

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Whale of a Time

Between June and October, thousands of Humpback whales  from Antarctica travel up north to Australia to breed. Gold Coast is one of the last safe havens where females give birth to their calves before they return to the colder southern waters in October. I love the winter mornings at this time. The early morning surf check […]

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Slithering Snake

The challenge sounded like a pretty bad idea. In reality I was not convinced at all. There was a bunch of adventurous  (read: crazy) people holding a black head python, and somehow I was talked into it. This wouldn’t be my first encounter with these magnificent creatures. After all we walk on the same ground, sharing the wide landscapes and the […]

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