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Wildlife spectacle in the South Pacific Ocean

We all like the ocean and the beauty of the marine environment. During Leg 4 of the Volvo Ocean Race, team Vestas 11th Hour Racing got the chance to observe a whale (very likely a so-called Sei Whale) and a shark at the moment of feeding around a big pod of fish. The wildlife spectacle […]

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australian wildlife

First contact with Australian Wildlife | The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Australia is commonly known to be a continent hosting more than 7000 different animal species. However, getting in touch with this wide-ranging animal kingdom is not always that simple and it is highly possible to spend some time in Australia without even spotting a kangaroo hopping over the street, a koala relaxing on top of […]

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mon repos

Discover Sea Turtles | Mon Repos, Australia

Under the glow of moonlight in Mon Repos, 14 kilometres east of Bundaberg on Queensland’s sub-tropical central coast, there’s a group of people quietly looking out to see little dudes making their precarious way to the sea. For expectant mothers of the loggerhead sea turtle species, giving birth involves a 2500 km ultra marathon to […]

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5 Ways You Can Save Sea Turtles On Your Holiday

Sea turtles have been around for millions of years. They migrate long distances around the world, feeding on anything from jellyfish to sea urchins and sea grasses, but always return to the same beach they were born on to lay their eggs. The female crawls ashore to lay up to 120 eggs, covers up the […]

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The Dingoes of Fraser Island

They are wild. They are pure. But their co existence with Humans is challenging. The dingoes of Fraser Island are an iconic Australian animal. In fact dingoes are an integral part of Fraser’s unique environment and their significant conservation value is due to their top position of predator on the island, vital to maintain the health […]

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Whales In Paradise

Australia is one of the best places in the world to see whales with nearly 60 per cent of the world’s whales. The long east coast has a deep channel made famous from the Finding Nemo movie to transport these beautiful creatures from Antarctica and back each year during Winter and Spring time. As the breeze […]

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