And Then There’s the Pacific Hotel

Yamba is a beautiful mix of the old and new and has the bohemian charm of a small fishing and surfing town.   In this one street town of cafes and restaurants sitting under shady trees that are chilled out and boast delicious meals.There are no wild night club  here or wild drunken debauchery up […]

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There’s Something About Yamba

Australia and surfing was a love affair destined from the start. It seems that the seed of surfing fell on fertile ground and has blossomed like nowhere else. The geography, the climate, people and lifestyle have combined to produce a truly great surfing playground.But there’s something about Yamba. This area is like a lightning rod to any […]

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Black Swell – Hercules

They say it’s a storm of titanic portions. It’s name is Hercules and it geared up massive swell on the Portuguese coast. The black fetch on the graphs moved wide, fast and furious- something like I’ve never seen before. Watching the weather graph moving over our coastline has been a bit of a distraction for me during the […]

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Exploring Sunshine Coast

Now, if the Gold Coast is mecca to travelling surfers, then the Sunshine Coast is its underrated and under appreciated cousin.  Wrapped in wool and wearing beanie-flattened hair, Paul takes me from spot to spot hidden away from tourists, knowing all the places after having lived on the sunny coast for many years. Not that […]

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The Wild West

After traveling along the east coast and seeing the beautiful white sand bays and alluring turquoise water, the western coastline jolts you initially not for its beauty.   This is remote, wild, raw. You see from the moment you start on the trip along the aptly titled, road to nowhere, that nature shows its full […]

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The Duck Dive in Cooly

A set is approaching. You know you are caught inside. Paddling hard now, focusing on breathing, I lean foward, push it down hard and…. Damn! An all new set is about to come… At first sight, main street Coolangatta (“Cooly”) doesn’t stricke me as any different from any coastal town but like a duck dive […]

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