Top Pacific Sunrise Spots on The Gold Coast

Sure, you’ve got to get up while it’s still dark and sacrifice a sleep-in, but it’s definitely worth the early start. It’s a chance to reconnect with yourself and the world around you and see something naturally beautiful. Sunrises on the Gold Coast are an amazing shot to your senses as you smell the salt from […]

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Not long after I moved to Australia, Paul and I decided to celebrate my anniversary on a beautiful beach on the mid-north coast of New South Wales. Unlike many birthdays back in Europe (winter time) It wasn’t those great, grey waves that sucked me towards it and then broke across like a sack of gravel. […]

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Quiksilver Pro

  Surfing in many ways is a simple sport. You don’t need a board, but it is more fun with one. You find a wave, paddle with enough speed to catch a wave and enjoy a short thrill as you move toward the shore. You can be as creative, energetic and radical as you wish […]

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Dark Blue Shape

I can see the dark blue shape forming on the horizon. I start paddling, stop in position and start paddling towards the beach,still focused on whats behind me. Like any living organism, the ocean moves to its own heartbeat. Taken for granted a lot of the time, occasionally it likes  to remind us it deserves […]

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Roxy Pro & Quiksilver Pro

Steph Gilmore Surfing is a very unique sport in many ways. What other competitive sport do you see where a competitor can’t complete what they set out to do because the field disappeared for half the game?! While there are many people who do this sport- nearly every second person where I live surfs, regardless […]

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Quiksilver Pro – A New Vision

It’s been almost 5 years that I have been coming to the Quiksilver Pro in Snapper rocks. But this year has been an incredible one. This is it. The new era of pro surfing with the ASP World Tour ownership has changed hands. The event is now bigger, better and slicker and it seems that everything […]

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