Sydney’s Other Side

We love Sydney and its urban sprawl. But Sydney is also on the doorstep of some of the most scenic spots in Australia. We had taken in the Harbour Bridge, the Rocks, Bondi and many other famous landmarks but felt this city wasn’t complete without a road trip along the north coast. We headed past […]

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Rebranding Air BnB: A Shining Example of How to Do It Right

Air BnB is a growing dot com phenomenon that lets everyday people rent out rooms – or their entire house – to travellers. Providing an alternative to the sometimes soulless hotel experience, Air BnB is about connecting people and helping them experience the “real” side to the cities they visit. Paul and I started using […]

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What you Should know before your First Overseas Holiday

So you’re planning your first overseas holiday – how exciting! To get maximum enjoyment from your trip, there are a number of things you should be aware of before your plane even takes off – regardless of your destination. Travel insurance ‘If you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel.’ This sage piece […]

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5 Tips To Help You Travel Further For Less

1. Get organised Once we’re on the road, we don’t like to have a set schedule. After all we’re on holidays. Before we leave it is a different story. We do plenty of research into the cheapest flights and the best stopovers. We don’t book all of our accommodation but we always have some booked […]

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Australia’s Best Road Trips

  The great Australian dream is varied and different for many, but one of the most common dreams Aussies from around the country really start to look forward to is travel. For some it is heading overseas, but for many of us the opportunity to take a step into our own backyard and really get […]

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Survive And Thrive In Australia

If you are an Australian, or have been to Australia, you understand the Aussie Pub is such an icon. Some of the most famous songs from the country centre around the pub and there certainly would have been a lot more penned in one! Small towns in the outback are now part of the tourist […]

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