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Top 7 Travel Time Fitness Hacks

The travel fitness hacks that you see below will be fantastic for you, and you can keep your body in shape no matter where you are travelling. You can use these few hacks to ensure that you will always have a good fitness routine even when you go out of town. When you use these […]

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Armchair Traveller | Sky Runner

Finding Strength, happiness and balance in your running As you may already may know my dear dad is an absolute running addict- he doens’t just run every day, he is also the Editor of Spiridon Magazine (purely dedicated to running). He organises running races around the globe, mainly marathons and ultra-marathons. His passion for running […]

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roxy fitness

#RoxyFitness | Gold Coast

There have been a few #roxyfitness events around the world now and they all have one thing in common… Fitness is made fun! Women of all ages come together on the weekend in a great location to get active, feel great while soaking up the sea, sun and fun. Roxy moved this great experience to […]

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Running In The Back Of The Pack

  I hadn’t run in months – I was definitely not feeling confident, but it was something we did each year so I should do it… Right? I may be slower than the middle of the pack but my passion for running is back stronger than ever. It is hard to find the time and […]

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run while you travel

Sydney Runs

If there is one thing that keeps Sydney busy in the cooler months,it is running! The City to Surf, the world’s largest fun run, takes over the city in just 3 days, with the Sydney Running Festival a month later. Here some of my  favourite Sydney’s runs Bondi to Coogee run Starting either coogee or […]

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Run Way – Healthy Travels

For those who strive to maintain fitness while traveling, running is one of the more accessible forms of exercise.  All you need is a good pair of running shoes, a nice stretch of trail/road/shoreline and the will to pound some proverbial pavement and you’ve got the potential for a great workout.   And let’s be honest, after […]

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