The Daintree is a Strange Paradise

  Everything in the Daintree area – land, water, plants and animals  – is always shifting and drifting, revealing new perspectives and opportunities to explores the awe-inspiring beauty of this unique ecosystem. We can never be quite sure of our ground in Daintree… channels through vast mangrove forest and sawgrass marshes open and close, almost overnight; […]

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Mossman Gorge

With a beautiful, crystal-clear river and granite boulders, the Mossman Gorge is a little piece of heaven on earth. Here the Mossman River is filled with huge granite boulders that create clear freshwater swimming holes – the cool water is perfect for a refreshing dip. Forested mountains rise dramatically from the river banks. We walked […]

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Swinging from a Tree

After all that crocodile emotion, there was nothing like beachcom on this sun kissed shore with perfect white powdering sand – Myall beach (fingers cross crocs will be sunbaking elsewhere). But swinging on a hanging rope  and wonder along the tree branches, was definitly an highligth of he day. Mossman gorge will be our next […]

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Crocodile Spotting – Daintree River

The risk of a crocodile attack in Far North Queensland is real, but with some common sense it is avoidable – UFFFF!!! This was the “crocodile man” told us as we went adrift on a small tinnie adrift in the Daintree River to (hopefully) spot some “saltie” crocs. The mood seems to heighten as the […]

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The Daintree

Australia’s plants and animals are some of the closest things to alien life you are likely to encounter on earth. Probably because it’s been isolated from the other continents for at least 45 million years, you will find cycads, dinosaur trees, fan palms, giant strangler figs, and epiphytes such as the basket fern, staghorn, and elkhorn. There are more than […]

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Memorable Road Trips

  Memorable road trips are rarely about the destination, and almost never about getting from A to B. The dramatic coastal drive winding from Cairns to Port Douglas is the beginning of our wicked Far North Queensland roadtrip. This 80 Km stretch of road is one of the most outstanding drives I have ever done. The […]

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