Explore Chinchilla: More Than Watermelons

According to Joe, one of the locals we met at the pub, the word Chinchilla comes from the local Aboriginal word for cypress pine, Jinchilla. But Chinchilla is just not well known by the beautiful and rare Chinchilla wattle trees found in the Barakula forest. It’s rustic experiences and breath-taking beauty of the area draw […]

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3 days In and Out of Brisbane

That’s right, the once-boring business centre home to XXXX beer, Broncos and bland office towers  seems to be now cooler than Sydney and Melbourne. Make the most of your holiday in Australia’s ‘ hippest city” – Brisbane. Along with lush parks and laid-back locals, Brisbane has serious cultural credentials, dining and dancing. Shop up a […]

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This is the Northern Beaches

From beach-lounging wallabies at Cape Hillsborough National Park, to shy-but-oh-so-cute platypus in Eungella National Park and secluded beaches that only a local would know, its got natural attractions on tap. Welcome to Mackay region. Inviting turquoise waters, sparkling white-sand beaches and dancing palm trees kissed by a gentle sea breeze. Who wouldn’t swoon over living […]

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The Dingoes of Fraser Island

They are wild. They are pure. But their co existence with Humans is challenging. The dingoes of Fraser Island are an iconic Australian animal. In fact dingoes are an integral part of Fraser’s unique environment and their significant conservation value is due to their top position of predator on the island, vital to maintain the health […]

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Mother Nature’s Creation – Fraser Island

Lake McKenzie Whether you believe Fraser Island is the creation of Mother Nature or in fact the earthly incarnate of Yindingie, the messenger of Aboriginal god Beiral, the mirrored lakes, rebellious rainforest and sand are simply unforgettable. K’Gari, the Aboriginal name for Fraser means paradise, which seems the perfect match. This ecological wonderland is the the world’s largest sand […]

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Down To Earth

What’s on your bucket list? Perhaps visit the Pacific islands, watch a broadway show, sip green tea prepared in a monastery…Paul likes to do things that involve more adrenaline. He is not really badass- but if there is something that involves going down a ride or wave he is happiest when this is fast! So […]

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