Carnarvon Gorge is stunning, partly because it’s an oasis surrounded by drier plains and partly because of it scenic variety, sandstone cliffs, moss garden, deep pools, rare plants and plenty of wildlife. But for me, what was really the highlight of this national park was to be able to see Aboriginal rock art.   This is a […]

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No internet, no phone reception, no radio… The Carnarvon National Park. The national park… This is it!! I can’t believe I’m here!!! There’s no doubt this is the best Australian national park that I’ve been so far…. Carnarvon covers about 298 000 hectares and the wildlife abounds here… more than 173 species of birds, a […]

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Cold night with a warm fire- how nice! We scored a free camping spot near Roma and I was over the moon to find out that we could make a fire.. I had just realized that I forgot our stove ( bad option when you are going to camp for a week!!) Roma is a […]

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Road trips are all about the journey not the destination. We choose carefully the roads to take. Not necessarily the quickest ones, but the ones that will (hopefully) give us what we are looking for or not. The unexpected is usually better! It’s winter and not good for a swim- so we decided to hit the hinterland […]

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After big Big swell on the coast, the sea is quiet… However it’s winter time and the warm days are still around (this is a real slice of heaven!) We are enjoying big walks along the beach and well the new entertainment lately has been around making huts on the beach!!  it’ not an easy […]

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You know. I love camping! I just love it! I do it pretty basic though … We have a 2man tent, sleeping bags and a fire.. No, not even mats.. Knife and torch, not much else… But these guys are simply obsessed with camping! Australians just go mad about it! We are thinking on upgrading […]

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