Yuraygir National Park

IF HOME IS WHERE the heart is, then Australia’s most cherished address is “no fixed abode”. Aussies have a restless streak, and with good reason. This is the only nation on earth blessed with an entire continent of natural wonder that is still being discovered. Being an adventurous lot, Aussies believe even if these place have […]

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Micro Adventures: 5 Ideas For a Wilderness Fix

Epic adventures are great, but it can be a long road of adventureless time in between. Never mind getting overwhelmed by planning an ambitious weekend escape. It’s just a matter of changing perspectives. Think Micro. Think Microadventure. Take it as cheap, minimal planning and short in time (12- 48 hours). Microadventures aren’t a lesser deal […]

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Mother Nature’s Creation – Fraser Island

Lake McKenzie Whether you believe Fraser Island is the creation of Mother Nature or in fact the earthly incarnate of Yindingie, the messenger of Aboriginal god Beiral, the mirrored lakes, rebellious rainforest and sand are simply unforgettable. K’Gari, the Aboriginal name for Fraser means paradise, which seems the perfect match. This ecological wonderland is the the world’s largest sand […]

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Glowing Experience – Springbrook National Park

Bush walk all day, then wait for dark to bush walk again. This is the way to finish the year with an illuminated experience – finding glow worms.While walking down to the Natural Bridge cave can feel a little Blair Witch, having a torch in our pockets made the feeling a bit softer.  We tried not to use our […]

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Walk In Nature – Blue Mountains

We were at the magnificent Blue Mountains National Park, where we found this nature walk down a sheer cliff-face  through towering Blue Gum Forest. We started at the Govetts Leap Lookout, and took the signposted track down the steep steps and steel ladders to the base of the Bridal Veil Falls. Here we entered a rainforest of […]

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The Blue Mountains

From climbing mountains, to dropping into hidden rainforest valleys and crossing rivers before spotting native animals. Australia is a celebration of being outdoors! Trekking, hiking, tramping that’s what you do overseas – here we bushwalk! The Blue Mountains National Park is a bushwalkers’ paradise. There are cliff-top hikes, strenuous, vertigo-inducing climbs, and serene strolls through  statuesque eucalyptus to […]

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