Japan Rail Pass

Japan Rail Pass Is It Worth It?

Japan has one of the world’s most extensive and efficient railway networks, with clean and comfortable trains, I’m serious! If you do any research on how to travel to Japan you will find most pieces of advice go towards doing it by train. So, before I left to Japan I wondered if I should you […]

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Conbini | The Japanese Convenience Store

The Japanese convince stores, known as Conbini, are much more that a repository of junk food and cheap buzzes. There you can find everything, from soba and sushi, medicine and manga, single-malt whisky and next day hangover cures. I miss them, a lot! I loved walking in them and spend time looking around, checking out […]

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Unique Things Japan Has To Offer During Spring

Spring is one of Japan’s busiest tourist seasons, especially in early Spring, when the snow is still melting but Spring is starting to peak.  Among the seasonal events, visiting parks to see the beautiful cherry blossoms is a must-see, but you’ll find a plethora of activities from March to May. See the cherry blossoms Cherry […]

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tokyo apartment

From Tokyo | My Apartment Tour

When you land into a big city at night, you want to know two things. How do I get to my place asap and will I get some sleep?Our first place that we stayed in when we arrived at Tokyo was uniquely Japanese. I LOVED it. I decided to use From Tokyo this time and after […]

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