Whale of a Time

Between June and October, thousands of Humpback whales  from Antarctica travel up north to Australia to breed. Gold Coast is one of the last safe havens where females give birth to their calves before they return to the colder southern waters in October. I love the winter mornings at this time. The early morning surf check […]

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The Soul Surfer’s Paradise

The rainforest is a superb camp ground that sits behind broken head beach and the perfect mix for the relaxed easygoing feeling after walking around the headland or taking time out from surfing. It is the perfect getaway.  Byron bay is a divine spot. Everyone knows it, and that can be the problem! 7 km […]

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The Duck Dive in Cooly

A set is approaching. You know you are caught inside. Paddling hard now, focusing on breathing, I lean foward, push it down hard and…. Damn! An all new set is about to come… At first sight, main street Coolangatta (“Cooly”) doesn’t stricke me as any different from any coastal town but like a duck dive […]

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Purling Brook Falls

The track leads you around the top of the escarpment, crossing a wooden bridge over a small rocky creek, descending into a valley with thick rainforest. You will stop. You need to. In front of you there is Purling Brook Falls, plunging more than 100m into the valley. It’s definitely spectacular. The view is impressive from every angle, and […]

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Get Lost in the Wilderness

Inland from the lights of the gold coast you’ ll find areas almost untouched of subtropical rainforest. Eucalyptus forest clings to the hillside round the gorges and falls, such as witches falls and cedar creek falls. The walking trails to the latter, and to Cameron falls have spectacular look outs. The McPherson range has plenty to offer. Alas, bush turkeys […]

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If reptiles are your thing this is the show for you. You will get to pat an iguana, plus hold a large Burmese Python, and even a croc! Let me introduce “Furry”!  Furry… What can I say?  You can feel the passion flowing through his words… Crocs, goannas, snakes and the very poisonous tiger snake. Furry grabs […]

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