Top Pacific Sunrise Spots on The Gold Coast

Sure, you’ve got to get up while it’s still dark and sacrifice a sleep-in, but it’s definitely worth the early start. It’s a chance to reconnect with yourself and the world around you and see something naturally beautiful. Sunrises on the Gold Coast are an amazing shot to your senses as you smell the salt from […]

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Quiksilver Pro

  Surfing in many ways is a simple sport. You don’t need a board, but it is more fun with one. You find a wave, paddle with enough speed to catch a wave and enjoy a short thrill as you move toward the shore. You can be as creative, energetic and radical as you wish […]

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Rainy Days On The Gold Coast

Even on rainy days, a walk along the beach is priceless! There are some destinations made for the sun and an active lifestyle. The Gold Coast, with 300 sunny days a year is a classics spot for enjoying the outdoors and even shopping combines outdoor areas. The question becomes, what do you do when there is […]

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A New Golden Era

So you thought the Gold Coast was all theme parks, high rises and sprawling mall? Think again… There’s a new generation of entrepreneurs committed to showcasing the area’s culinary and creative brio. It s only 4 pm, but already a steady line of people are filing into Flinders Keepers, a newbie bar restaurant in Burleigh […]

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Endless Summer On The Gold Coast

Three hundred sunny days a year, a 57km strip of drop dead gorgeous beaches and a balmy subtropical climate –  these are three reasons why the Gold Coast endures as one of Australia’s most popular holiday destinations. This skinny littoral strip, hemmed in by clear blue water on one side and the lush, mountainous hinterland […]

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 Standing in queues is an inevitable part of your theme park experience that you’ll have to encounter at some point, but the degree to which you while away the hours in a stationary line is up to you and your level of preparedness! Head online, do your research and be prepared for a (Wet’n) wild […]

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