I like going light. Not carry tones on my backpack makes me happy and my back appreciated it too. Looking for something different from the metal plates and cups (always a pain) we found Orikaso (meaning “to fold plastic”) are lightweight flat pack folding cups, bowls and plates made from Polypropylene My initial concern was that the […]

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Katadyn Water Bottle Purifier

I recently just got back from trekking in the Springbrook National Park and I’m glad I had this drink bottle as part of my gear.  When you do a 2 day trek or more you definitely don’t want to carry litres of fresh water with you. It is always a smart idea to filter or […]

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The Radness of Skateboards

There are more girls skateboarding today then ever before. Us ladies are tearing up sidewalks in every corner of the world. Sure we might not all be throwing  hundred foot slides (I haven’t even tried!!), but we are all having fun on…  We bring a different feminine vibe to the skateboard world. Even the most random event […]

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