Finding Nemo

  Great Barrier Reef fish literally come in all the colours of the rainbow: blue, red, orange, purple and green. Colour is used for camouflage, so they can blend into the coral backgrounds and avoid predators. And within the living colours of the corals, there it were sitting on top of the anemones, the most famous specie in the reef […]

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From Little Polyps, Mighty Reefs Grow…. The great barrier reef

From llittle polyps, mighty reefs grow. I put my snorkle gear on, and I started to see the world in 3D. After years of dreaming about it, I finally had the opportunity to dive the reef and come face to face with some of the most beautiful underwater landscapes I’ve ever seen. Yes, the Great […]

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Just Bring on Board Your Spirit of Adventure

It’s said you could dive here everyday of your life and still not see all of the great barrier reef. With only few days to enjoying it and a multitude of ways to see it, choosing the right reef tour/ boat was truly a mission. Staggering from 600 tours it’s not easy- take aboard a […]

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Far North – A journey to Tropical Paradise

 There’s one thing I like doing in airplanes -sleep!   Get in, bulk up the seat belt and usually before safety instructions finish, I would be fast asleep… Just like that! But not this time… I knew that the view would be something. From lush rainforest, vulcanic crater lakes to the winding coastline of coves, […]

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Swiming Amongst Turtles

I was snorkeling at Julian Rocks off Byron Bay, when something special happened- something that I will never forget. We always hoped we would see them but there is never any guarantee when you go looking for animals in nature. There were 7 of us in the water and as we were cruising along happily […]

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