Soul- Soothing

    Hook Island is another soul- soothing spot in the Withsundays renowned for its scuba diving and snorkelling as well as abundant wildlife. This island must be a bird-watchers heaven as we spotted white-bellied sea eagles patrolling the skies and lace monitors  roaming the land when we were coming ashore. But it was the […]

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Down To Earth

What’s on your bucket list? Perhaps visit the Pacific islands, watch a broadway show, sip green tea prepared in a monastery…Paul likes to do things that involve more adrenaline. He is not really badass- but if there is something that involves going down a ride or wave he is happiest when this is fast! So […]

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The Reef State

This is the the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, considered to be one of the top dive and snorkelling sites in the world, dotted with impressive coral cays and reefs that are only a stone’s throw away from the coast. It is famous for its untouched, colourful and varied reef ecosystems with marine life and truly […]

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Submerged Beneath The Shallow

Submerged beneath the shallow waters of coastal Australia is a world entirely different to what lies above. Australia has some of the most diverse and scenic underwater ecosystems in the world and many of them are shallow enough to be explored just with a snorkel and fins. And besides how much I love to snorkel in the […]

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Rock pooling in Yuraygir National Park

Diggers camp. Yuraygir National Park is a water wonderland with isolated beaches, quiet lake systems and striking scenery. Yuraygir’s headlands and beaches feature some of the best surfing and fishing spots on the north coast. There is no wind. Nor swell to speak of. What do you do to keep a surf mad boyfriend happy? Well […]

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What Else Could We Do In The Whitsundays

In the calm waters of the coral sea, framed by a backdrop of soft hills, and with yachts gracing the aqua blue oceans lays a little town – Airlie Beach. And this is where we were, getting ready to launch into one of the Whitsunday’s islands. What could be better than travelling in these waters from […]

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