FotoJet | A Bloggers Review

Whether you just want to make a cool birthday card to your mum or a bloggers who inevitably needs to work with graphics and images,to make  beautiful posters, blog post images, social media images,  After trialling several graphic designers platforms I found Fotojet. A graphic design service that makes photo-editing, collage making and designing photos […]

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7 New Year’s Resolutions For Travel Bloggers

Taking up travel blogging is a lot like falling in love. At first it’s all exciting and new. Posting on your blog makes you feel euphoric and all of a sudden it’s all you can think about. Then, one day you wake up and the honeymoon is over. You start to notice all of your travel […]

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Digital Nomad: 10 Apps You Must Have

Working on the road can get pretty hectic at times. As a digital nomad and a traveller, I have found myself in rather awkward situations a lot – from missed deadlines due to incorrect time zone conversion to procrastinate instead of doing some work. Here are a list of Apps that help me keep sane, […]

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Lifestyle of a Digital Nomad | Work and Travel Don’t Have To Be Mutually Exclusive

Dan Robinson is an emerging photographer and director focused in travel, lifestyle, and non-profit organization projects. He currently splits his time living between Nicaragua and the United States, producing photo and video content for various projects, organizations, and brands. My curiosity on the lifestyle of a digital nomad led me to ask him if he […]

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It’s About To End…

  It is about to end. Over the past years I have been working and studying full time, while travelling and keeping my curiosity alive for this beautiful country down under. In between this, different side projects have come along which has made Life pretty full on. With only 2 weeks left to complete my […]

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A Place To Write

You know what I love about blogging? You can do it pretty much  anywhere. And the beauty is if you’re traveling, the content gets better and more exciting/interesting/colourful when you are away from the usual home environment. The mood to blog can hit you anywhere, at any time. You may think as you run through the […]

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