The Lonely Beach – Maintland Bay

Sydney beaches are usually packed to the brim. 95 Km from Sydney, the central coast has pockets of peace and quiet that sits nicely in the category of “paradise”. The Bouddi national park is a spectacular coastal reserve with cliff top walks, pristine beaches and some of them without a soul. By far one of […]

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Roxy Pro & Quiksilver Pro

Steph Gilmore Surfing is a very unique sport in many ways. What other competitive sport do you see where a competitor can’t complete what they set out to do because the field disappeared for half the game?! While there are many people who do this sport- nearly every second person where I live surfs, regardless […]

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There’s Something About Yamba

Australia and surfing was a love affair destined from the start. It seems that the seed of surfing fell on fertile ground and has blossomed like nowhere else. The geography, the climate, people and lifestyle have combined to produce a truly great surfing playground.But there’s something about Yamba. This area is like a lightning rod to any […]

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Whale of a Time

Between June and October, thousands of Humpback whales  from Antarctica travel up north to Australia to breed. Gold Coast is one of the last safe havens where females give birth to their calves before they return to the colder southern waters in October. I love the winter mornings at this time. The early morning surf check […]

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Exploring Sunshine Coast

Now, if the Gold Coast is mecca to travelling surfers, then the Sunshine Coast is its underrated and under appreciated cousin.  Wrapped in wool and wearing beanie-flattened hair, Paul takes me from spot to spot hidden away from tourists, knowing all the places after having lived on the sunny coast for many years. Not that […]

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3 Minutes. Historic Site.

With nothing exciting happening lately in my life due to an obsessive relationship with my computer, I can smell the finish line but it’s so hard to stay interested… i need to finish all my assignments on time and finish my first semester this week so I could only drive 3 minutes. It was all […]

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