Sunset Chaser

What goes up must come down. The sun may set every day, but no two sunsets are ever the same. From firey displays of gold and red to the pastel beauty of violet and blue, Mother Nature knows how to finish the day with a bang. You can take in the sunset in a variety of […]

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cape hillsborough

My Top 10 Beaches On Australian East Coast

The thin strips of sand where land meets sea have always fascinated me. The beach is where life first crawled out of the oceans, where people have hunted, feasted and played for thousands of years. Shorelines are dynamic, ever changing places… shorelines shift, cliffs collapse, tidal pools fill and empty… Australia has no fewer than […]

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Top Pacific Sunrise Spots on The Gold Coast

Sure, you’ve got to get up while it’s still dark and sacrifice a sleep-in, but it’s definitely worth the early start. It’s a chance to reconnect with yourself and the world around you and see something naturally beautiful. Sunrises on the Gold Coast are an amazing shot to your senses as you smell the salt from […]

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Yuraygir National Park

IF HOME IS WHERE the heart is, then Australia’s most cherished address is “no fixed abode”. Aussies have a restless streak, and with good reason. This is the only nation on earth blessed with an entire continent of natural wonder that is still being discovered. Being an adventurous lot, Aussies believe even if these place have […]

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This is the Northern Beaches

From beach-lounging wallabies at Cape Hillsborough National Park, to shy-but-oh-so-cute platypus in Eungella National Park and secluded beaches that only a local would know, its got natural attractions on tap. Welcome to Mackay region. Inviting turquoise waters, sparkling white-sand beaches and dancing palm trees kissed by a gentle sea breeze. Who wouldn’t swoon over living […]

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Whitehaven Beach – Natural Beauty

Beach-blessed and beach-mad Australia has almost as much land that’s tropical as temperate, ensuring that even in winter there are coastlines that blaze with sunshine. Setting up base in Airlie Beach on the mainland, we headed out to the Whitsunday Islands, a spectacular group of 74 islands and discovered Whitehaven Beach. This is a picture perfect […]

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