Yoga- Why not stretch it a bit?

I didn’t like it at all. But after starting to practise in Australia, I can not live without it! I love Yoga!! I´ve been hooked for the last 3 years. We all love our sticky mats, Krishna Das soundtrack, and buckwheat eye pillow as much as the next downward-dogger, but I felt I needed to stretch […]

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To the Edge of the World

In two months we will be heading to the edge of the world… We will drive Lucy along 1800 Km all the way down to Melbourne and catch a barge across to Tasmania. We will be touring around for a full month on the big island that is the very bottom of Australia. After, we […]

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Roof Top Tent

  “As soon as I saw you, I knew adventure was going to happen”. – That’s what Paul tells me when I have my sneaky face on. One thing is right for the last 4 years our life has been a constant adventure. When you have a relationship founded on great road trips, night under […]

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Purling Brook Falls

The track leads you around the top of the escarpment, crossing a wooden bridge over a small rocky creek, descending into a valley with thick rainforest. You will stop. You need to. In front of you there is Purling Brook Falls, plunging more than 100m into the valley. It’s definitely spectacular. The view is impressive from every angle, and […]

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Get Lost in the Wilderness

Inland from the lights of the gold coast you’ ll find areas almost untouched of subtropical rainforest. Eucalyptus forest clings to the hillside round the gorges and falls, such as witches falls and cedar creek falls. The walking trails to the latter, and to Cameron falls have spectacular look outs. The McPherson range has plenty to offer. Alas, bush turkeys […]

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I lie watching the ever-changing scene in front of me, completly absorbed in the sorroundings.. I am in the deep woods, lying on the ground staring into the heart of a fire. And this is not just any old fire: it is my very own fire. Made by striking flint against steel, built on a […]

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