Sydney’s Crater Cove

September 7, 2016

A secret row of holiday shacks on the edge of Sydney Harbour will send you back in time… While revealing the previous occupants’ dramatic history. I’m in an unmarked section along the Manly to Spit Bridge walk which leads to the hidden pathway to an abandoned oasis – Sydney’s Crater Cove.

Sydney's Crater Cove

If Sydney Harbour and its waterfront homes are one of the most over photographed parts of Australia, it’s surprising to discover, in the same area, an enchanted little cove with hand fashioned stone, driftwood and corrugated iron shacks that few know about or ever visit.


Sydney's Crater Cove

These rustic shacks on Sydney Harbour were built from materials found on site early last century. The old, jerry- built buildings were once used as weekenders by locals but have since become part of the conservation program overseen by National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Sydney's Crater Cove

This is simply my kinda of place!

I pressed my faced to the glass of some of these shacks and i got a glimpse into the life pared back to its bare essentials: gas stove, rickety writing desk, a chair and tiny window looking across the harbour to the Tasman Sea. It feels like you are stumbling on some long forgotten frontier settlement, but no you are in one of the most populated northern suburbs of Sydney

Sydney's Crater Cove

There once was a thriving community among these old shacks, but no one lives in these homes anymore. The resident’s of the huts at Sydney’s Crater Cove had enjoyed an idyllic Robinson Crusoe life from the 1930s right up until the mid 1980s. Plentiful of fish, there was room for a chook or two and a veggie patch, water came from the skies and any timber required for running repairs on their homes drifted in on the tide.
Sydney's Crater Cove

On some weekends the shacks are open to public, with a caretaker on hand to show us around and answer any question.

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