Bondi to Coogee run

Bondi to Coogee run

If there is one thing that keeps Sydney busy in the cooler months,it is running!

The City to Surf, the world’s largest fun run, takes over the city in just 3 days, with the Sydney Running Festival a month later.

Here some of my  favourite Sydney’s runs

Bondi to Coogee run

Starting either coogee or bondi for a 10 km return, or ease into just one way.
This run takes in some of the most stunning views of the cliff tops and thepacificocean. You get everything, from flat beaches to winding paths, stretches of parklands and steep hills. It will get your heat pumping and you will enjoy the beauty along the way

.centennial park

Centennial Park

This is only a 3.6km circuit.
Sorawling 360 hectars park has flat course. Picturesque run along lakes, heaps of birdlife and rolling lawns. It s an easy jog from downtown.

Pool to Pool

Boy Charlton Pool

Boy Charlton Pool

North Sydney Pool to Boy Charlton Pool for a 8km return.

There is no better way to finish a run then having a dip in two of the beast city’s pools!
You will find North Sydney Pool under the Sydney’s harbour bridge, follow along the Cahill Expressway down  to the Sydney Opera House, through the Botanical Gardens and along the the harbourfront to the Boy Charlton Pool.

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  1. Comment by edward

    edward Reply 25/08/2014 at 7:41 AM

    Thanks for sharing with us these useful routes. I usually jog or run near my neighbourhood area only and sometimes the adrenalin just isn’t there and you will not feel enthusiastic to do it on a daily basis. Even though Sydney is considerably huge, I do not venture out that much because I have always regarded jogging/running as an exercise regime instead of a hobby. Well, I guess that fact might change now that having a change of location is possible.

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