sydney opera house rainy days

Sydney pouring down

Sydney. Pouring down. I guess this is one of the 100 days of rain that Sydney gets per year.. Slowly, my mood changes and instead of being a bit cranky because of the weather I decided that this is going to be a great day… After all I am in SYDNEY!

Someone told me that there’s no bad weather just bad clothing!! – I totally agree… I put my rain jacket on and I was ready!
Down at Circular Quay the water glitters even with the grey sky, the buskers try to engage the crowd that moves fast to catch ferries and runners, lots of runners… I Look to the right and I spot Australia’s number 1 attraction – The Sydney Opera House… Wow! even on a raining day it looks superb!
I guess we shouldn’t go to Sydney and not go to a concert in the Opera House…  It actually sounds really good.. a concert on a raining day!
After doing the tour (it’s worthwhile- you get good value for tour + concert) I sat on the concert hall- which is the biggest- and got totally absorbed with the sound of Sydney’s symphony… The sound is magnificent and I couldn’t stop looking at the astonishing architecture!!
Laying down on  my bed I couldn’t stop thinking that I went to a concert in the most famous Opera House in the world  — what a great raining day!!

Get inside the Sydney Opera House


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