Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Flying into Sydney straight up between the Heads was the best way to start this trip. At dawn, everything was black and white,and the hheadlands were marked out in silhuette jipust like a photo… But the harbour shimmered like silver… Coming to Sydney feels like a treat.

As I walk down the CBD streets at 8 am in the morning, I realise that I am the odd one, wearing jeans and atshirt with bright colours on it, plus I am not rushing with my coffee cup to get to the office. Forget about the beer swilling, crocodile wrestlings, bikinis and thongs… The Sydneysiders are more like this: works in a dark suit, mobile phone glued to the ear,plenty of products in the hair and skin, maybe a discreet tattoo a lots of designer labels in the wardrobe. The pace is frentic… And it seems that I am in slow motion, slowwithout effort… I stopped having my eyes planted at the ground level and look up… I was in for a few surprises… (I’ll post them soon)

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