There’s nothing better than having a rest on an hammock.. It’s such a great thing.. Easy to pack and carry around and at the end it’s guaranteed that you will get a spot to sleep with the best view..
After a day of surfing you do want to swing a hammock and have a coffee made on your camping stove!!
Straddie is among the world’s largest sand islands – and ’sand’ equals ‘beach’, right? The Queensland island’s 30km white sand Main Beach is backed by an expanse of dunes, making it popular with 4WDs. There are a number f more secluded spots around Point Lookout. Here, the only thing to do is surf, sun yourself, and perhaps paddle in rock pools teeming with marine life, or watch whales or some unique Aussie animals. 
And hey!!!  Swing and hammock here.. it’s one of the best spots..

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