If there’s one state that’s forever been on the crest of the wave when it comes to Australia’s surfing culture, it’s NSW. Dotted along the coastline are surfing reserves, dedicated areas protected for use by the people and the surfing community and recognised as sites of environmental, cultural and historical significance. Of the 11 National Surfing Reserves along Australia’s coastline, 9 are located in NSW: Angourie, near Yamba; Crescent Head, north of Port Macquarie; Lennox, near Ballina; Maroubra and Cronulla, in southern Sydney; Merewether, Killlalea; Manly and North Narrabeen on Sydney’s northern coast.


I’ve surfed in 6 of them (feel very lucky right now!) and there’s something special on surfing in these spots.. it seems that NSW is blesses with reliable waves suitable for everyone!
And with the abundance of surf beaches, learn-to-surf schools and surfing events, so it’s no surprise it’s produced most of the Australia’s champion surfers, such as Nat Young, “Midget” Farrelly, Layne Beachley, Tom Carroll, Wayne “rabbit” Bartholomew…

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