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This is what I like the most about the Sunshine Coast – with still a few high rise towers and shopping malls, commercial development is way more restrained and you are never too far away from a peaceful expanse of golden beach.
From Double Island Point to First Point, Old Woman Island and Mooloolaba Beach, the Sunshine Coast is renowned to have good surfing conditions with over 126 locations and board riders come from all corners of the globe to catch a wave here.
The coast has a lot of beaches, some of them sandy, some of them rocky, several bays and different sizes of waves. Surfing on the Sunshine Coast is a great experience for both beginners and advanced surfers alike. In fact there are several beaches on the coast where one can learn how to surf, there are beaches for surfers with little experience and there are beaches for experienced surfers only.
Surfing here, in the Sunshine Coast is quite attractive, because tit’s not as overcrowded as some breaks on the Gold Coast and you can find Point breaks, Headland breaks, Reef breaks and Beach breaks.
If you ride a short board try to surf at the Sunshine, Coolum, Noosa, Mooloolaba Spit, Alexandra or Moffats beaches. Surfers who prefer the longboard should try surfing at Noosa, Alexandra or Moffats Headland.
 noosa surfing

Some surfing places along the Sunshine Coast


  • Noosa Main Beach: “A north facing beach. It is the only north facing beach so it’s nice and gentle and protected from winds.” Low Down: Just mention Noosa, and the image of a beautiful peeling longboard wave comes to mind. Home to the world famous Noosa Festival of Surf held in March, Noosa is surrounded by natural beauty, with lush tropical national park complimenting the crystal clear water. Make your way to Main beach for your choice of surf lessons and experience one of the most picturesque learning spots on earth. safest spot!
  • Little Cove: “Gentle rolling point break waves. Suitable for beginner to intermediate.”
  • Mooloolaba, Coolum and Noosa corners: “Protected corners are best for learning in as lots of the open beaches have heavy shore breaks and are exposed to wind and the elements.”


currimundi surf


  • Noosa National Park: “Outer points, only suitable for experienced surfers.”
  • Double Island Point: “For anyone looking for adventure in Noosa, the left wave in the corner at DI is sick. It’s also uncrowded but is only accessible by a 4WD.”
  • Old Woman Island: “This is my favourite. It has a left and right hand wave. The right hand is one of the only reef breaks on the coast. But this is suitable only for experienced riders and unless you have a boat, the paddle to Old Woman Island is quite sharky.”
  • Wurtulla – Excellent! Beach break, any swell. SW-NW winds. Powerful barrels.
  • Currimundi –  Beach break. Same as Wurtulla.
  • Ann St –  Rock platform, lefts & rights. Best at high tide. S-NW winds.
  • Dicky – Protected beach break.
  • The Reef – Heavy left, handles big swells. SW-NW wind
  • Moffat – Good right point, handles big swells. Best in S-E swell, SE-W wind.
  • Shelly- Inconsistent break.
  • Kings – Beach break, protected in summer. W-NE winds.
  • The Groyne – Heavy left, high tide only
  • Happy Valley – Protected in summer. N-NE winds. Good for longboards.


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