What goes up must come down. The sun may set every day, but no two sunsets are ever the same. From firey displays of gold and red to the pastel beauty of violet and blue, Mother Nature knows how to finish the day with a bang.

You can take in the sunset in a variety of ways: while running, walking, biking or simply observing. No matter what you do the beauty and awe of the sunset slows us down. Australia is home to some unparalleled sunsets over incredible landscapes.

Here are just a few of my favourite spots to watch the sun go down in the land down under:

Rainbow Bay, Gold Coast | Australia

You have incredible views all the way up the coast to surfers.For the best sunset drink I recommend the Rainbow Bay Surf Club which overlook the Snapper Rocks surf break.

Rainbow Bay, Gold Coast

12 Apostles | Victoria

One of the highlights of driving along the Great Ocean Road is stopping to see the limestone rock formations called the 12 Apostles. The view of the Apostles is enchanting by day, but when framed by the burnt sky as dusk falls, it is something else.

12 Apostles

Cape Tribulation | Queensland

Up towards the north of Queensland and tucked into the Daintree Rainforest, Cape Tribulation is around 140 kilometres from Cairns. It’s quite secluded and takes a bit of effort to get there, It took me about 2.5-hour drive through the rainforest and the trip itself is worth it! Taking in the sunset on the beach, where the forest meets the reef, is just the cherry on top!

Cape Tribulation

Camp Cove, Watsons Bay | New South Whales

Round off a day of snorkelling, kayaking or scuba diving with a stunning harbour view of the sunset, which features the city skyline. A short walk from Watsons Bay ferry terminal.

Camp Cove, Watsons Bay

Manly Ferry, Sydney | New South Whales

The 30-minute ferry ride between Manly Cove and Circular Quay in the late afternoon to catch the sun setting over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I prefer to take a spot on  the top deck or on the bow for the best views of the light bouncing off the harbour.


Echo Point lookout, Katoomba | New South Whales

For a truly breathtaking view, head off on to the Great Western Highway and take the Katoomba exit. Follow Katoomba Street to the end and see the iconic Three Sisters rise high above the blue gums that blanket the mountains. Perfect for a sunset picnic.


South Beach, Kingscliff | New South Whales

For a sunset on your own. On the South Beach there are not many people special at this time, perfect for a sunset walk to finish your day.

photo 1

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