Studying in Australia

Study in Australia besides being a fantastic life experience is also a good intellectual and professional investment for your future. Australia offers thousand of different courses for international students and is famous for the quality of education in many areas.

Courses with less than 3 months

If the period of study will be less than 3 months, do not require a Student Visa, therefore the Tourist Visa is enough. You it will be able to be enrol in any type of course, either for international students or for Australians. Also you will not have the obligation to assist the lessons. Unfortunately with a Tourist Visa, you it cannot work in Australia, unless you are registered in a course with 3 months or more.

Courses with more than 3 months

A Student Visa, is required, and will involve a more bureaucratic process. The chosen course will last obligatorily 3 months of duration or more, and the frequency to the lessons is controlled by the immigration. If you attend less than 80% of the lessons without medical justification, your visa will be cancelled. The chosen course has to be registered and has to be approved for the Australian government as CRICOS. These courses give the right to the student to apply for work legally to a maximum of 20 weekly hours, and full time during the school holidays. If your visa is denied, the amount paid for the course will be refunded less the fees. To get a refund you will need to get the letter from the Embassy so your agent will be able to request the refund, or if applying directly with the school, send by Fax the letter, and a small text in English explaining the occurrence, also giving your bank details so the school can proceed the reimbursement.

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