Standing in queues is an inevitable part of your theme park experience that you’ll have to encounter at some point, but the degree to which you while away the hours in a stationary line is up to you and your level of preparedness! Head online, do your research and be prepared for a (Wet’n) wild time!

1. Do Your Research

The best way to walk into any environment is after having done your research. As soon as you hit the ground you’ll have your head on straight and know where you need to be, and when. Going to a theme park in an off-peak time of the year is a good way to avoid the crush, and then you’ll get to spend more time having fun than waiting for it. Try going earlier in the day when there will be fewer people about, and plan your day so that you don’t spend endless time wandering around rubbernecking. Having some kind of schedule won’t drain the spontaneity out of the experience, but rather will give you the structure to guarantee you’ll fit in everything you wanted without wasting time!

 2. Get a VIP Pass

Hook yourself up with a VIP pass that will open the door to endless hours of fun at Movie World, Sea World and Wet’n’Wild. Buy one online now and save off front gate prices!

 3. Get a VIP Pass Upgrade

If you purchase a VIP during the month of September only, you’ll receive a free upgrade to a VIP Gold Pass; having one of these babies in hand will give you unlimited entry to Movie World, Sea World, and Wet’n’Wild! A VIP Gold Pass also gives you free entry to Movies World’s amazing evening events, Friday Nights and White Christmas.


 4. Get Liking

Having friends is a beautiful thing, and if you become friends with you can look forward to a great array of bonuses! Be their Facebook fan and you can look forward to staying abreast of all the latest deals and offers as soon as they crop up, so you never miss a beat or lose an opportunity to get some VIP treatment at your next theme park visit.

5. Act Like You’re a VIP

While it might be hard to pull off the requisite level of insouciant glamour when you’re wearing cargo shorts and dragging two screaming children by the hand, flash the cash and chuck a mink around your shoulders and people will be scurrying out of your way. If the first four suggestions fall flat, if your internet crashes or something else precludes you from taking advantage of all the great offers available, just remember that attitude is everything. Pop a plastic diamond on your finger, style your hair and step out of your Camry like it’s a Rolls Royce in your Manolo Blanhik (K-Mart) heels. Even if this doesn’t bring on quite the VIP treatment you had desired, one perk might be being mistaken for another character at Movie World.

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