The walk up through The Rocks to Sydney Observatory just before 8 pm is quiet. Almost everything is closed, a bus taking ghost tours and I am walking alone (and a bit nervous!) but as soon as I saw fairy lights glitter in the trees along Argyle st. I knew this was going to be good.
The Observatory itself is quiet but the giggle of the 20 people waiting to go inside and gazing the sky. I usually love knowing all about the history and the instruments used, etc.. but now is too late at night to concentrate on instruments, contraption on rollers and all of that.


I was ready to look through the gigantic telescope eyepiece from the 1800s in the copper lined dome. With clear sky, and not a cloud around, the moon and the stars keep staring ‘at you’ and I felt  bit woozy when I found Mars.. I could not believe that there I was in Sydney CBD starring at Mars. And while we move through different sections of the observatory into the planetarium everything seemed to be faded and I only could picture Mars in my mind!
(There are stargazing tours at Sydney Observatory nightly at 8.15pm)

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