Splendour in the Grass Byron Bay

Gumboots on! Now I’m ready for Splendour

There’s just something about the crisp winter air, listening to your fave bands in the sunshine, dancing along with crowds of people to music that moves you… And without any warning i scored a ticket to Splendour in the Grass festival – a music and art festival heald over 3 days at Byron Bay.

Great place to sell gumboots!

Being the middle of winter, the usual ballet flats and sandals normally reserved for festivals weren’t going to cut it! People needed heavy duty stuff, afterall there’s noting wrong with the Must Have gumboots! No matter where you went in the area of Byron, people came prepared with their gum boots.


You can easily see your fellow festival goers in town by the trademark gumboots as they take time out along the main streets for some shopping or cafe experience before heading back out to the hills for more music. If you didn’t have a pair, the entrepreneurs in Byron had thought of this: boots were for sale all along the streets…

With or without the boots, music and Byron is always a winning combination!


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