the ocean creatures

                   the ocean creatures

Hook Island is another soul- soothing spot in the Withsundays renowned for its scuba diving and snorkelling as well as abundant wildlife.
This island must be a bird-watchers heaven as we spotted white-bellied sea eagles patrolling the skies and lace monitors  roaming the land when we were coming ashore. But it was the area’s marine life – and ­inviting bays of turquoise water with cool rainforest behind them- that drew us here…


An earlier snorkel over here on fringing coral reefs introduced me to a 1.5 m long humphead Maori wrasse, an exquisitely coloured beaked coralfish, a delicate threadfin butterflyfish, and the seemingly infinite colours and textures of tube and staghorn corals. Watching the soft and hard coral move with the swell and house so much marine life is a must-do experience for everyone!


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