Some Things You Can Only See In Dubai


Fact, fiction, fun, or something else? To find out for yourself what all the fuss is about and discern the truth from the clichés, head to Dubai. For starters, Dubai is nothing like Las Vegas. There are no colossal neon-lit signs, no impersonator shows, no showgirls, and certainly no casinos.

Dubai has a futuristic appeal and abundance of western entertainment. You have a sleek metro that zips through the sky like something out of Blade Runner, an indoor ski park, and countless bars – there is just as much fun to be had in the simple pleasures of “the Orient”: haggling for gold and frankincense in the bustling souqs, savouring the sunset from the back of a camel, inhaling from a fragrant sheesha pipe on the deck of an old wooden dhow. Dubai certainly can be dear, so you might need to play the world’s best lotteries to afford this place to check out some of the really cool things that you only can see in here.


Are you Hungry And Poor? Help Yourself

According to Dubai standards most of us qualify as poor, so help yourself to some free food. Dubai is so rich, that they simply hand out food. This also suggests that there are so few people in need of help that a convenience store can simply hand out food without bothering to regulate it.

free food dubai

Sky High Tennis Court

I can’t imagine how much membership to a tennis court like this costs, but i’m pretty sure it will not be cheap. It’s also not for the faint of heart. Imagine losing your ball over the side of this court.


Don’t Bring Your Fish

The Dubai metro has a few odd rules. You see funny signs in Japan and the usual pets, food, smoking, but, yes, in Dubai they draw the line here…

no fish

Gold To Go

In most parts of the world, we get a coffee to go. In Dubai, you get gold to go.


Dubai Shopping Mall

This shopping mall is spectacular, i must admit. It is the largest mall in the world of its type, and boasts a huge indoor aquarium full to the brim with all types of fish and even sharks.

dubai mall

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