Once upon a time we all went camping… That’s how everyone lived. Sleeping under the stars makes me feel quite special! After all camping it’s just not pitching up a tent and sleep in it.. It’s all about living more slowly, leaving computer and tv and home, and purely appreciate what the nature has to offer.. And there’s no doubt that even a cup of tea tastes better looking up the sky seeking stars then under street lights.
And even if the weather is bad, there’s something magical about snuggling down in a sleeping bag, and just listen to the rain in the tent.
Putting up your tent in a wild location, or on a remote beach, is just about the most romantic things you can do in your entire life… Either listen the wind hitting the leaves on the trees or dozing off to the sound of waves breaking with the embers of a driftwood fire glowing nearby.. It’s definitely something that everyone should experience at least once in their life.
When camping it’s hard to get bored.. There’s much to camping than simply pitching a tent. Living outside offers plenty of things to do – From wild swimming, stargazing, photographing,to making a fire, food seeking in the wild… You can easily forget the time pass by..

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