Ski Les Arcs – It’s Good For You, Body and Soul 



If you are struggling with anxiety, planning a ski trip in Les Arcs can be a good way to deal with it. In this article, I will explain how skiing reduces anxiety and why Les Arcs, with its natural beauty, is a great ski destination.

It might seem odd to combine an article about anxiety with skiing but believe me there are relevant links. Anxiety is something that many of us suffer from at some time in our lives. For some people it is a constant feeling that alternates with being followed by the black dog”. However there are ways of dealing with anxiety and doing some exercise is one thing that helps. Doing exercise in nature is even better so I am going to explore how skiing in Les Arcs high in the French Alps may be just the ticket to boot your anxiety out the back door. Check out igoski for information on Les Arcs.

les arcs

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is the extreme fear or dread of some anticipated action or event. The key is that it is fear of something happening in the future which you may, or may not have any control over. The fear may have some real aspects, especially if you worry a work deadline, an exam you have to sit or a report you are waiting on but sometimes fears are rather random, like a car crash or an earthquake which may or may not happen at all.

When an attack comes on there are some steps you can take to centre yourself and cope,

  1. Learn to recognise that you are starting to panic
  2. Breathe deeply and slowly making sure you completely exhale each time
  3. Figure out exactly what is setting off the attack
  4. Check the actual facts concerning that fear. Do not allow for imagination
  5. Take some action, however small to deal with the situation
  6. Keep thinking of a positive outcome

les arcs

Learning to manage anxiety is also a lifestyle choice so there are things you can incorporate into your life to help you on the path to recovery. One of the easiest things you can personally do is get out into nature and incorporate exercise into your life. There are clear links between regular exercise and being able to cope with anxiety. Exercise

  • Causes release of feel good neurotransmitters
  • Makes muscles tired so we are less able to react with tension
  • Burns stress hormones that may cause further problems

Exercising in winter may not be so attractive so learning a winter sport is one of the best things to do for anxiety issues. Skiing can help get you through those SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) days. Even in inclement weather, being out on the slopes will get your muscles pumping and calm your mind.

The French Alps have a lot on offer for winter sports and alpine beauty. Les Arcs in the Savoie area of France is a likely resort to ease your stress and any anxieties. As part of the famous Paradiski ski area it offers great terrain for beginners and experts alike. Located on the edge of Vanoise National Park there are breathtaking vistas and on a clear day you can see Mont Blanc.

Les Arcs is made up of four purpose built villages for snow sports, each at slightly different elevations and areas. The latest addition is called 1950 built only a few years ago while the others were constructed at the end of last century. You can walk everywhere and explore some of the nearby natural forests.

Because Les Arcs is made for skiers, getting on and off the piste is so easy – ski in, ski out, straight to the crowd free lift lines. It is the type of place that after few runs down the groomed piste, you can just relax and soak up some sun’s rays reading a book on your private deck.

les arcs

Living is easy with small restaurants and bars, and supermarkets for self catering. Les Arcs is also going to be easier on your wallet than many other resorts. Les Arcs has a quiet après ski crowd compared to some of the rowdier ritzy resorts. You decide whether you want to eat out or cook at the apartment. Local specialities include the ubiquitous fondue as well as other hearty fare based on local produce including cured meats, local cheeses and fresh fish.

Getting there is relatively easy and you can plan your options here.

Hopefully this has given you some inspiration to get out and active in the winter months to relieve any anxiety you have. Next time you feel unsettled go for a walk and then sit down to plan a holiday in the French Alps at Les Arcs ski resort.

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