Ski Apartment Tour | Canmore, Canada


There’s something special about a place near the snow.

It has always been this way for me. I am equally comfortable by the beach, and since moving to Australia, this is obviously where and what I know well! Maybe it’s the climate, I really am not sure, but you quickly escalate in what you’re looking for from just a roof over your head when you’re in the tropics to needing a series of luxuries when you go skiing.

A great view of the mountains is a must. After all, it’s what you came for and what inspires you. A hot tub. You need this to soothe muscles, especially if they haven’t been used in a while… A fireplace. Nothing beats the romance of wine, book and fireplace when the temperature drops. Once you have these ingredients, they need to come together and you have the type of delectable magic for a truly memorable getaway.

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I really liked Banff. It was an amazing spot with National Parks, mountains, lakes and wildlife with every turn. Paul was sold on Canmore, the smaller brother down the road. It seemed like it had far less of the frills as you drove into the town from the highway. This first impression softened, especially as the days went on. It seemed like we had the perfect spot away from tourist central, yet close enough to get to it and still set in the most amazing area you could imagine. Oh yeah, and an amazing spot to ski. In fact, centre of Nordic Skiing in Canada.

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The Perfect Spot

We stayed in a perfect spot- quiet and set below the mountains, allowing us spectacular views. This is a spot for nature lovers. We had a perfect, flat bike path at our back door that connected us into the main town, or all the way to Banff.

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I didn’t make it very far though. Why would I? With an inviting chair next to a fireplace and wine on arrival, the open lounge and kitchen area were far too great to pass up chill out time. With a great sized bath, I set Paul to the task of bathing Noah.

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The large bedroom was perfect and bed was ultra comfortable. It was the best especially after I had turned on the cable TV for a late night movie. The boys had crashed earlier and I enjoyed the time. In fact, I enjoyed every minute at this place. We had heated pools at our disposal which was a great treat for all of us. It was central to shopping and coffee nearby and took no time to get onto the highway for the quick trip up to Banff.


We also found the perfect spot to eat the quintessential Poutine, but that’s another story…

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