Six places in the US to spend your New Year’s Eve


The US is one of the most preferred holiday destinations amongst travellers globally. It’s a place that is well known for hosting many New Year’s Eve events with fun-filled carnivals, celebrations and other activities. In this article, we have discussed about the top six destinations within the US, where you can spend a memorable New Year Eve.


Louisiana, New Orleans

Louisiana is better known as a party destination. There are a lot of celebrations throughout the year. Friendly weather, people and streets are the main attractions of New Orleans. Party seekers find the climate very welcoming, especially during New Year Eve. You can stay entertained and celebrate throughout the night with bands at French Quarter and fireworks lighting at the Mississippi River.

New Orleans

California, San Francisco

Listed as one of the favourite US destinations on websites such holidays hub, San Francisco hosts many events during New Year’s Eve as well. Several events including dinner, cruises, fireworks, balls, open bar, live music and much more lend the city a new lease of life and energy! To enjoy the night to its fullest, you can also get to the famous Twin Peaks Roof Top and Embarcadero, which are known for their sky-touching height from the ground level.

san francisco

Walt Disney

For people who enjoy Walt Disney characters, Orlando and Florida in the US are two of the best destinations during New Year Eve. The place is liked by adults and kids alike. There is no limitation of fun, frolic, and entertainment at Walt Disney. You can enjoy fireworks, live band, dancing, bartenders, rides and much more! Walt Disney also hosts special VIP parties during New Year Eve for tourists.

 walt disney

California, Los Angeles

This is a fine destination that is loved by anyone travelling to the US during New Year Eve. You will witness a number of events in this city including stage programs, road shows, family events, carnivals, festival nights, etc. Spending your New Year Eve with thousands of people throughout the night on busy streets or indoors pubs and restaurants is a one-of-a-kind experience.

california new year

Georgia, Atlanta City

Known for its Peach Drop, the annual New Year celebration, Georgia welcomes one and all with an assortment of activities and events. These are hosted by local people to entertain tourists. You can spend hours listening to DJs, enjoying drinks, listening to favorite musicians play live music, and savouring local cuisine. The best part is that the city hosts events both on big and small scale, such as the Peach Bowl football event and NYE block party.


Hawaii, Honolulu

This is an ideal destination in the US for people who enjoy beach side, dance, music, nature and entertainment. Even during New Year, you may find people partying, singing, dancing and enjoying drinks and fireworks along the beach side. Other events which you can look forward to include cruise ships, firework displays, food trucks, and live music.


So wait no more. Block your calendars to hit one of these top destinations and welcome the New Year in style.

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