Simple Ways to Save Money While Travelling Overseas


Travelling to Cairns - airplane view

Travelling to Cairns – airplane view


Travelling in a foreign country is a lot of things to different people – memorable, romantic, and even inspirational. However, one other thing that it commonly is to many people is expensive.

But this doesn’t always have to be the case. By following a few simple tips and doing a little planning beforehand, you’ll be amazed at how much you can save while travelling overseas. Here are some helpful tips that can save you money on your next trip abroad.

Take Advantage of Specialist Companies for Your Itinerary

The first method for saving money overseas is done before you even set foot there. By planning your itinerary in advance, you’re more likely to avoid unnecessary costs down the road. These days, there are plenty of specialist companies that cater to almost every type of travel need. Are you a couple going on a honeymoon? Or perhaps a fresh graduate looking to travel the world? Then consider travel companies that cater to these particular markets. Even if you’re a business traveller, there are companies like Corporate Traveller who can help you out. The key is finding the right company that can help you maximise your time and money. When it comes to overseas travel, a little planning beforehand definitely goes a long way.

Buy and Use a Local SIM Card

Even with incentives from your mobile carrier, chances are you’ll still spend a fortune if you rely on them for your calls, texts, and mobile data. International rates are notoriously expensive and limiting your usage just to save some money can take away from enjoying your trip. A simple and convenient way to minimise these costs is to buy and use a local SIM card. International rates may still apply when you’re communicating with people back home, but at least you’ll be charged local rates for all other mobile usage.


Eat Where the Locals Eat

As any traveller will tell you, food is one of the biggest expenses in any trip. Unless you’ve travelled to a place solely to splurge on food, it’s best to be smart and more discerning regarding where you eat. One great way to do this is to eat where the locals eat. This may require some research beforehand and some experimentation, but, when you do find the right places, it’s often worth it. Not only are you more likely to avoid the usual “tourist prices,” but you’ll also be able to discover more genuine flavours and culture.

Take Advantage of Free or Cheap Activities

Most big cities and popular destinations usually have plenty of free (or at least cheap) activities that budget-conscious travellers can take advantage of. From free city tours and museum visits to activities in the park and other public areas, you normally have plenty of options for inexpensive recreation and leisure. It’s just a matter of getting creative and keeping an eye out for good deals.


There’s no doubt that travelling overseas can be expensive. No matter how much you plan ahead, there are plenty of costs you simply can’t avoid. But, if you follow smart travel tips like these, you’re more likely to save some money on your next trip.

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