Sights To See in China Before The Year Ends 



There are plenty of perks to travelling during Christmas season. Not only do you get fewer travellers but you experience China’s most stunning sceneries in a completely different way. Each season brings its own delights and if you pack wisely, China offers some of the curious travellers a feast for the eyes, mind and soul (and stomach!)

So apart from having more space and time to enjoy your trip, you will also enjoy lower prices all round. Not only this but a lot of the main sights people long to see in China are still easily accessible in the colder seasons. You can also pick up some awesome deals from flights, hotels and tour agencies around this time of year.

If you want to make the most out of your trip, we highly recommend choosing a reliable tour company to guide you around the sights. There are luxurious China tours in 2016 offered by The China Travel Company so you can easily tailor-make your vacation.

Maybe you are a bit more of the lone-traveller who loves taking detours but still wants a bit of guidance from the experts. The China Travel Tour Company offers a less structured trip which would appeal to those with more availability to explore alone. However, this option gives the traveller full peace of mind with pre-booked transfers, trips, accommodation and more. So you essentially get the best of both worlds!

So winter is quickly approaching; and before you know it, Christmas will be knocking at our door. Here are our top places to visit during Christmas season so you can start planning early:


Xishuangbanna – tropical rainforest

Located in the far south of China, you will find a culture more similar to Thailand with its own set of unique ethnic customs. Around Christmas is usually the best time with cooler and dry conditions compared to the wet summer seasons.


Harbin Ice Festival in Heilongjiang province

  With special performances, exhibitions, stunning light shows and more, this is a great trip to plan with the family. Experience the magic of Christmas and indulge in China’s most famous frozen festival.

Harbin Ice Festival

Skiing trips to Beijing

Soak up the stunning snow coated mountains and embark on an epic adventure in China’s most gorgeous mountains. The Yellow Mountains and Mount Emei seem to be popular and safe destinations for travellers.


Jilin’s Rime

Known for being one of China’s most natural wonders, in Christmas you can explore some stunning rivers and forests. It’s the intersection between the Changbai Mountains and Songnen Plain so you are literally surrounded by natural beauty. Going in December also means you miss the coldest month whilst being just in time for the Jilin Rime Ice and Snow Festival.

Jilin’s Rime

A peaceful trek up The Great Wall

Get away from the summer crowds and enjoy the breath-taking winter landscape of the Great Wall of China at Christmas.

These are just a few of the many places you can visit around December time. With low season on your side, you can make the most out of fewer crowds and better prices whilst enjoying all China has to offer.


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    The Thrifty Issue Reply 17/11/2016 at 3:31 AM

    Wow! The Great Wall is so beautiful at Christmas! It’s on the bucket list. 🙂 By the way, is there a big difference of prices between peak and non-peak season? Thanks, Sofia.

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