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I’ve been living in a pair of Shamma sandals for over a month now, wearing them for trekking, rock hopping and everyday use.

For the majority of human history, we didn’t have the need for shoes. In fact they’ve only been in use for the past 70 years. It’s a modern product created to solve a problem that never really existed.

Research is now showing that heavy over-padded footwear actually helps contribute to shin splints, knee injuries, and back problems.

shamma sandals

The Barefoot Movement

You may or may not already know about the barefoot running movement. But it’s really taken off in the last 5 years. People from all over the world are re-discovering the benefits of running with minimal footwear (or none at all).

Shamma sandals have very little padding on the sole which helped me feel the ground, especially with uneven tracks. While helping me not to roll my ankle was great, a thin sole is also meant to strengthen the small muscles in our feet helping us to walk or run naturally- the way we were made to. The extra padding didn’t seem to change the feeling of comfort nor does it look like they won’t last long…


The Shamma Sandals

Shamma sandals design is based on traditional huarache sandals worn by Mexico’s native Tarahumara people for centuries.

I have been using the handcrafted, “The Mountain Goat” model with a footbed of Tobacco Brown Goat Skin. I have used them everywhere- while trekking, looking for mussels on the beach, hiking along uneven trails and even took them out for a drink at night. The sandals have a natural look fits great in any occasion and are stylish and definitely not the type you’d see a tourist with socks wearing…

The sandals are perfect for the traveller being so light and thin. I am even going to take them with me for my upcoming trip to Japan!

 shamma sandals

So what do I like about the Shamma?

  •  Super Comfortable & Easy To Use: Once they wear in and mold to the shape of your foot, it really does feel like you’re barefoot. They’re so easy to put on and adjust for any situation. It’s so much easier just to slip your foot in, velcro up, and go which is perfect for when you’re chilling on holidays. I also loved wearing these on planes because they easily adjust as my feet often swell on flights.
  • Super Lightweight & Easy to Pack: At about 14g, Shamma weigh next to nothing. They have good technology with a 11mm high-tech Vibram rubber sole & haven’t skipped on other areas with a leather footbed that easily fits inside any bag
  • Great for Running and Trekking: The strap system keeps the sandals on my feet very well, letting me run & climb up rocks without them slipping off.
  • Decent in Water: While not ideal for walking long distances in water, they work great for most water activities like kayaking, short river crossings…
  •  No Smell: Because it’s a sandal, I don’t have to worry about sweaty feet. And even after being in the water, the Shamma don’t smell.
  • Durable: They’re pretty much destruction-proof. Shamma sandals are built to last . The soles are durable so I don’t see me needing to replace mine for years to come.

shamma sandals

The Disadvantages

While I really love these sandals, nothing is perfect. Here are some of the issues I’ve found with them.

• The price: It’s a fair bit of money for sandals. You have to weigh up your budget but they are quality and you do need to pay for quality and it will last for a long time!

• Cold Weather: Because it’s a sandal, it doesn’t keep my feet warm in colder weather. Which means I carry a pair of shoes with me too. Not that big a deal.

shamma sandals


If you’re looking for comfortable barefoot sandals for your feet and don’t want to be limited to wearing if going outdoors, a pair of Shammas is the way to go!

shamma sandals



  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Great for Running and Trekking
  • Decent in Water


  • Price

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  1. Comment by Sofia

    Sofia Reply 16/12/2016 at 5:40 AM

    Thanks for the review! I am about to buy a pair of either Shamma’s Mountain Goat or Luna’s Oso. You wrote that they are “only” decent in water. I would love to hear a more specific opinion if you have time and want to help. Is it because of the leather insole or are they slippery on wet rocks etc.? I need a pair that works for beach, rugged terrain and rain forest’s slippery stones and mud. Thinking of the one without leather insole, the grippy one. Preferably for a use all around the world:)

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